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We are Introducing the ideas and encourages collaboration with a complete interactive projection solution that combines the functionality of a 3D Camera with Self Learning floor games. It helps the educational institutions to accomplish the active learning processes. Uses of touch projector screen technology vary in different types; We can use it for Schools learning/education, entertainment, business and more.

Introducing Interactive Floors

The WizeFloor Solution

The WizeFloor solution can either be installed in a ceiling or put in a mobile unit that can be moved around. The following parts are included:

  • Projector
  • Mini PC
  • Depth camera
  • Loudspeakers
  • Vinyl floor
  • WizeFloor software

The projection size on the floor can be up to 3×2 meters.

WizeFloor comes with a software package with a wide range of activities including quizzes, memory, balloons and categorization games. These are designed in such a way that they stimulate interactivity, cooperation and inclusion for all the children using the floor.

Exercises can be created with your own pictures, sounds and videos by use of any mobile device or computer. Thousands of exercises for all subjects and levels are already available through the WizeFloor community.

The software is regularly updated with new apps and features.

Introducing WizeFloor GO

Learning through play and physical movement.
WizeFloor GO provides a vast collection of games and activities which are projected onto the floor and made interactive using camera tracking technology. Players use their hands, feets and other physical objects such as bean bags or play cones to play games and complete activities individually or in groups.

See WizeFloor Go in action

The WizeFloor GO is a brand new product which allows you to set up WizeFloor activities at location of your choice. It encourages physical movement, play and collaboration and comes with a wide range of different learning activities.

  • Includes projector, camera and PC in a handy box on wheels.
  • It can be set up with ease and in any room.
  • The projection size can be customised to fit the number of players.
  • Approx. three to four players can use the floor at the same time.

If you want to know more about WizeFloor GO please contact us.

Designed for education. WizeFloor is primarily designed for use in education and this is reflected in the wide range of educational games and activities which are unlike any other interactive floor solution.

The games and activities are created using a suite of different applications that are designed in such a way that they stimulate interactivity, cooperation and inclusion for everyone using the floor. 

Most of the applications focus on the collaborative team score rather than the individual to encourage team work, Collaborative learning., WizeFloor is a multi-player application. Multiple players can use the floor simultaneously, learning and developing social skills, as well as have a lot of fun!

WizeFloor GO CompleteEven with multiple users the applications focus on collaboration, so players must work together to complete the activities. Players must achieve the best team score as well as their own individual scores.

For the ultimate collaborative experience, WizeFloor can involve an entire class using over 22 underlying applications which form the basis of literally hundreds of activities and games.

Truly cross-curricular, Create activities for any subject in minutes. Move towards a unique learning experience – education’s favourite interactive floor can now be moved and shared across your organisation.

Our new mobile solution, WizeFloor GO, unleashes the potential of interactive floors with no physical installation required. Fully mobile and height adjustable, the WizeFloor GO provides a solution which can be moved from space to space or school to school.

Being completely self contained and able to be easily moved between classes, WizeFloor GO makes the perfect shared resource which has benefits for every class, every subject and every age group.
An electric height adjuster means the floor size can be increased or decreased with ease to fit the space you’re working in, and the self-calibration feature recognises the size and position of the image so you’re ready to begin playing and learning within minutes.


WizeFloor GO Complete

Comprises primary housing (including vinyl decals), motorised lifting column and base with
castors. Includes Optoma W320UST projector, Intel NUC PC, Kinect camera & adapter, audio
system and speakers.



What is WizeFloor?

The WizeFloor is an award-winning interactive floor for education. It is designed to promote collective and differentiated learning styles and needs through play and physical activity.

From a projector learning games are projected onto the floor. A camera tracks the movements of the players who use their hands and feet to interact with the floor.

Learning through movement and play has never been this fun and engaging.

  • A social and collaborative learning experience through physical movement
  • Suitable for schools, nurseries, special school, hospitals, adult education and eldercare.
  • The software also works great on interactive tables and boards.
  • Approx. four to six players can use the floor at the same time.

If you want to know more, Please download the PDF Guide.

Our Offerings

We recommend the following hardware:

  • Projector (4:3, 3-5000 lumens depending of lighting conditions)
  • Projector ceiling mounting kit or WizeFloor GO trolley
  • Orbbec Astra
  • Mini PC (minimum i5 processor, 4 GB RAM)
  • Keyboard (e.g. Logitech K400)
  • Vinyl floor (3×4 meters)

    We estimate: $3500.
    Your Installer or/ System Integrator can do this part.

    Software Prices with cloud service for 1 year special:
    $4000 (In-Motions trial 2020)
    Use the below link for purchase.

Subsequently you can maintain to play about 75 games per year.

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A system that enables users with interaction dynamics by convert windows to large format touch screen over standard wall, floor and tables. An Innovation of Touch Projection Technology.

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