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In-Motions is a creation for on the go training, school learning or business meetings with TouchScreen projectors. The smart touchscreen projectors can convert any flat surface (i.e. wall, whiteboard or tables) into an interactive Large Screen Display in replacing your small devices screens. It is a fast and easy solution for any business meetings, discussions, sharing one screen in a big classroom full of children, or it can also replace your children’s entertainment activities.


We are working with a direction of Sensory interactive equipment since 2015, providing our distributing services with our two years of experience, we created the idea to develop and introduce our products to the market. We believe in good education that changes the mindset of the generation, and it shapes an individual’s inherent strength and curves the learning participation faster. We replaced our product supplies from Audio Visuals to Educational/learning products, with a tremendous hope to make a difference to the educational/learning environment in South East Asia. We are individuals to serve our sensory hardware development. Our flagship product’s company name is In-motions.

Our Associated Companies

An AV company that integrates systems and also a distributor of various interactive products and devices. Our advanced technology products or accessories brings you to the next level.

One of our partners for product distribution is Ali Baba. We have 1+ years of successful Partnership, and an extensive range of interactive products are available on Alibaba’s Shop.

Our other area of expertise 88Lamps, is for original Lamps for multiple brands of projectors. 88Lamps is a hong kong based company trading, especially lamps for projection use.

Our Products and Services are a fast and easy solution for any business meetings/discussions, sharing one screen in a big classroom full of children, or it can also replace your children’s entertainment activities. It helps the educational institutions to accomplish the active learning processes.

A system that enables users with interaction dynamics by convert windows to large format touch screen over standard wall, floor and tables. An Innovation of Touch Projection Technology.

An Audio Visual company that specialize in projection touch technologies.


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