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Can I use my Xbox 360 Sensor?

Yes, you can use the Xbox 360 sensor, but you will need to purchase a power adapter and install the Kinect SDK.

Can I use my Xbox One Sensor?

Yes, you can use the Xbox One sensor, you will need to buy an adapter.

Can I use my ASUS Xtion Pro Sensor?

Yes, the software and sensor support the OpenNI interface. This sensor will work correctly.

Can I use my Orbbec Astra Sensor?

Yes, the software and sensor support the Orbbec Astra and Orbbec Astra Pro sensor.

Can I use the hardware outdoors?

Yes, as long as there is no direct sunlight near-by, as this interferes with the sensors.

Can I use hardware through glass?

No, the Infra-red light from the sensor will not work correctly.

Can I use the hardware with a front or rear projected screen?

Yes, it will work correctly for both situations.

Can I place the sensor on top of a projector looking at the screen?

Not always, but if the sensor is close enough (using a short-throw projector), then this should work.

How do I remove the watermark from the screen?

You either register the software or uninstall it.

Will the product work with the software?

Our product makes windows believe there is a real touch screen connected. If the application is window touch compatible (or mouse compatible), then it will work.

What should I do when the Sensor status displays a message, “Not Connected.”?

The software did not detect this sensor. If it is connected, then please check again that it is working.

Sensor status displays “Busy.”?

The software attempted to connect to the sensor while it was starting up. This error should be apparent after a while.

Sensor status says, “In Use.”?

The software attempted to use this sensor, but it is already in use by another application.

Sensor status says, “Not Enough USB Bandwidth.”?

The software attempted to start this sensor, but there was insufficient USB bandwidth to continue. That means there are too many other USB devices already connected to the same USB controller, or you have another sensor connected to the same USB controller.

Sensor status says, “Not Powered.”?

The sensor was detected, but it requires an external power supply that is not connected or not working.

Sensor status says, “Not Calibrated.”?

The sensor was detected, but it has not calibrated yet.

I connected the sensors to different USB ports, and the calibration is not working.

The software uses the USB port to identify each sensor. If you swap two sensors USB ports, the software cannot detect this, and re-calibration is required.

What to do when configuration dialog says service is not responding?

The software is unable to communicate with the Touch service. Check that it is installed correctly and running.

The touches are detected while I am nowhere near to the surface?

Re-calibrate the sensors and carefully adjust the sliders at the end of the process. If you are unable to get to the calibration options, it is because of the false touches, cover the sensor cameras.

What to do when the touch detection is lagging?
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I see more than one touchpoint when I touch the surface.

If you are using more than one sensor, try re-calibration. If this does not resolve the problem, then increase the finger detection size until the problem solve.

Touches are detecting at the edge of the surface, but no human interaction is touching it.

The surface probably has raised edges. Adjust the border/edge clipping until this problem stops.

Unable to find Kinect Drivers?

The Kinect for Windows section of the installation did not complete successfully. Re-install this application and make sure the section is complete this time.

Primesense drivers not found?

Please consult the documentation that came with the sensor. You may be required to copy Primesense drivers from the installation to the folder where you installed this software.

Calibration of points gets worse further from the sensor when I touch?

Ensure your sensor is mounted correctly and flat to the surface. Each end of the sensor must be the same distance from the surface/wall.

Why are all the fingers not detecting my hand?

If you have only one sensor, then some of your fingers will be obscuring others. If you are using multi-touch, add another sensor.

On Windows 7 calibration works, but windows does not recognize touches.

The Windows 7 Multi-touch driver has not installed. Please uninstall it and again install the software.

Why are the calibration result in inferior accuracy?

If your surface is slightly reflective or shiny, then please see the section on Calibration with Reflective Surfaces.

Windows or the software is not detecting my Kinect V2 Sensor?

Check the known issues page

Calibration is giving poor results.

Please consult the manual (Available on our site with Free Software) for a step by step guide of the correct way to calibrate the software

Can I have the source code?

Sorry, the source code is not available.

Do you have a reseller program?

Please write to us via the Contact Us page for this information.

Can you re-brand and white label this product to me (Also known as OEM labeling)?

Yes, we have a white label solution available.

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